Project Status
crget has been in development for over two years as an internal tool used by the Colorado Climate Center to access their network of CR10 and CR10X dataloggers known as the Colorado Agricultural Meterological Network, and also to pull data from the Fort Collins Weather Station located at Colorado State University.

Like many internal tools, crget suffers from a lack of robustness which stems from being deployed in one location, limiting the number of bugs which may be discovered and fixed. Now that it has been released, not only can others benefit from its use, but a number of bugs can be discovered and fixed as well.

crget has been tested on the Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. If you have a CR10 or CR10X datalogger which you would like to access from a computer running one of these operating systems, it should not be too much work to deploy crget for this purpose. At this point it is fairly robust although from time to time you may encounter a bug.